Mens agitat molem

"Mind moves matter"

ALCiDES Robotics is a high-tech startup based in Leverkusen, Germany. Our team members come from KU Leuven and Eindhoven University of Technology with years of experience in automation/robot development and operation.
Our mission is to develop smart mobile robots for efficient material handling by, as our Latin motto describes, using intelligent software (the mind) to drive autonomous mobile robots for material handling (moving matters).

Standardized Products

Standardized products for customized applications: AMR, Automated Forklift for versatile applications

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Intelligent Software

Seamless indoor-outdoor navigation system + AI vision system for diverse use cases

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One-Stop Solution

Requirements analysis, solution design, simulation, optimization, turnkey delivery and support

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Meet Hercules

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Hercules AS series


Hercules AS series is our AGV products, with load capacity from 150 kg - 1000 kg and lift height up to 60 mm.

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Hercules AF series

Automated Forklift

Hercules AF series is our automated forklift products, with load capacity from 1400kg to 2500kg, lift height up to 5.5m.

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