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Hercules AS series


AS series is our AGV product line, a cost-effective and safe solution for automating material transportation in logistics and production.

  • Load Capacity: 150~1000kg
  • Lift: 60 mm
  • Max. Speed: 1.5~1.6m/s
  • Navigation: Laser SLAM
  • Operation Time: 8h
  • Charging Time: 0.5~1.5h

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Hercules AF series

Automated Forklift

AF series is our automated forklift product line, an all-round solution for automating material flow in logistics and production.

  • Load Capacity: 1400~2500kg
  • Lift: 3000~5500mm
  • Max. Speed: 1.5m/s
  • Navigation: Laser SLAM
  • Operation Time: 10h
  • Charging Time: 2h

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Our Software

Our software consists of a swarm intelligence-based navigation system and AI based vision system.

Our Services

Besides our AMRs and autonomous forklift, we also provide one-stop solution through our services, includes requirement analysis, solution design, simulation, optimization, implementation and support. Start with your requirements, we will bring you a complete solution.

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